About Teknologföreningen


Board of Teknologföreningen


What is Teknologföreningen?

Teknologföreningen (or TF) is the Swedish speaking students’ society at Aalto University founded in 1872. TF’s serves the interests of it’s members by organizing great parties, providing access to its club house, looking after Swedish speaking students rights at the university as well as providing unique student experiences and opportunities.

About the membership

Any student at Aalto University with an interest in the Swedish language can become a member of Teknologföreningen. The membership is completely free and comes with many privileges. After graduating, members are offered an option to stay as life-long members of the union. Together these two member groups account for over 1600 students, engineers and architects.

Teknologföreningen enriches its members' lives with everything a diverse students' union can offer. TF’s activities and services include organizing events ranging from culture and sport to dinners and parties, but we also offer opportunities to practice and develop skills in enterprising and creativity.

To apply for a membership you can fill in the form on the following site: reg.tf.fi. Alternatively you may show up at our club house, visit the executive board room on the second floor and sign a membership form. You will then be required to present yourself on one of our monthly meetings, after which you can enjoy a full membership.

Where is Teknologföreningen?

TF resides in its own building, "Urdsgjallar", which was built in 1966 in the Otaniemi campus area. This architecturally unique, solid concrete building serves as a restaurant for students during daytime and as a night-club whenever needed. In addition, members of TF have access to the building and all its services 24/7 - the computer facilities and sauna being among the most popular member services.

Student involvement

Teknologföreningen involves over 100 students in its everyday functions - all on a voluntary basis. An executive board of students is elected every year to administer the union's activities. These students are assisted by nearly 50 student officials who are responsible for everything from organizing sports events to publishing the union's own magazine "Modulen". In addition, over 15 committes each consisting of 5-10 students provide help with operations and plans for the union's activities - from organizing large events to giving advice on economic matters. And as if this was not enough, members of TF have formed free societies around common interests such as music; eg. the funcrazy orchestra "Humpsvakar" is well known for its spectacular shows, crazy appearance and ability to almost play in the same key.

Learning for life

Whoever gets involved with the activities at Teknologföreningen will be learning for life. In addition to practical experience in organizational matters, TF offers a unique opportunity to get to know engineering and architectural students from all departments of the university. And for those who only visit Urdsgjallar occasionally, TF will be a place to have fun and meet exciting new friends. At least everyone should try our famous Wednesday spaghetti!