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Lunch at the restaurant and safety measures during summer

You will be able to eat lunch at the restaurant again starting June 1! The takeaway option will also be available until July 31. To make eating here as safe as possible we've put up a few safety measures.

Inside only half of the seats may be used by customers. The chairs that cannot be used will be removed. This is to ensure sufficient distance between customers is possible. Our terraces will not be restricted.

The food, utensils and bread will be handed to you directly by our staff. You will be able to fill your glass with a beverage of your choice. Milk and soup will unfortunately not be available right now.

Beverage dispensers, tables, the queue countertop, the payment portal and all toilets are cleaned every other hour.

For your safety we ask you to:

Keep your hands clean. Remember to sanitize - or do even better by a proper hand wash at the toilets downstairs or upstairs.

Mind the gap! Note the one-meter safety distance marked on the floor in our queueing area. Please be mindful of our staff aswell.

Stay healthy. Please do not visit any restaurant if you are even a little unwell. Cough or sneeze in you elbow pit.

Opening hours

Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Friday: 10:30 - 15:00
Wednesday: 10:30 - 17:30

Opening hours during the summer (1.6 - 31.8)

Monday - Friday: 10:30 - 15:00

À la carte is no longer served half an hour before closing time.


  Price (€)
Student Normal
Lunch with salad - 5,00
Lunch with bread, salad and beverage 2,60 5,40
A la carte with salad - 7,40
A la carte with bread, salad and beverage 4,95 7,90
Saladlunch with salad - 5,00
Saladlunch with bread, salad and beverage 2,60 5,40
Soup with salad - 4,80
Soup with bread, salad and beverage 2,60 5,40
Bread (4 pieces) 0,50 0,50
Extra milk or juice 0,30 0,30
Lunchtickets 5 pc. Lunchpacket 1 (yellow) - 24,60
Lunchtickets 5 pc. Lunchpacket 2 (red) 12,70 26,60
Filled French bread 2,00 4,50
Dessert 0,80 1,00
Fancy bread 0,70-1,40 0,70-1,40
Coffee, tea 0,80 0,80
Special coffee / Hot chocolate 1,20 1,20

Wednesday 15.7.2020

  • Spaghetti bolognese (K, M, S, A)
  • - (T)
  • Falafel salad (K, L, T, S)
  • Soja bolognaise (A, Veg, K, M, G, T)
  • A la Carte: Grilled steak (K, L, G, S)

Thursday 16.7.2020

  • Salmon pasta with lemon (K, L, S)
  • - (T)
  • Tofu and chickpea salad (K, M, T, A, Veg)
  • Spinach-mifupasta (T)
  • A la Carte: TF cheeseburger (VL)

Friday 17.7.2020

  • Over cooked pork with caramel sauce
  • - (T)
  • Mango-chili marinated chicken salad (K, M, G, T, A, Veg)
  • Vegetable lasagne (VL, T)
  • A la Carte: Grilled rainbow trout, remoulade sauce (A, M, G, S)

Monday 20.7.2020

  • No menu available

Tuesday 21.7.2020

  • No menu available